Mini Caprese Calzones…ish

Mini Caprese Calzones…ish

When I’m bored one of my favorite websites to waste time on is Pinterest.  There are so many great cooking ideas on there and one particular recipe I saw was for mini Caprese Calzones.  It seemed easy and didn’t have too many ingredients so I decided to give it a try.

For a college kid, time is key and the recipe (which you can find here) said that there were only 10 minutes of prep time.  I hate long prep times on dishes so 10 minutes sounded good to me.

Surprisingly, finding my ingredients was not as easy as I thought it would be.  I couldn’t believe that in all of Foggy Bottom in Washington, D.C. there wasn’t a single place that sold pizza dough!  I was forced to improvise and bought Pillsbury Crescent dough instead.

It was a little hard to work with the crescent dough because it wasn’t meant to be rolled out like pizza dough.  I don’t have a rolling pin in my room so I attempted to use a water glass to roll out the dough.  When that failed, I just used my fingers to spread out the dough as much as possible.

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Even though the mini calzones were easy to make, I wish I was able to use pizza dough because I felt like the flavor was off a bit.  I liked them but wasn’t crazy about them.  

Even though this wasn’t the best meal I have made so far, I did realize something important.  When I first started to learn to cook I would have given up on making this because I couldn’t find the exact ingredient that I was looking for.  However, after cooking a lot more now, I have gained some cooking confidence and am willing to try something different even if that means I might fail.  It’s all part of the learning process!  Even though the calzones weren’t perfect, I am still glad that I at least gave it a shot!

If you find pizza dough around Foggy Bottom and try this let me know!  Comment below or talk to me on Twitter @KristinaAzevedo


3 thoughts on “Mini Caprese Calzones…ish

  1. I LOVE CALZONES. I feel your pain about the pizza dough–there are just some ingredients that are impossible to find in Foggy Bottom. I know Safeway has it, but that’s not really walking distance. I’m glad you’re comfortable experimenting more! As I’ve spent more time in the kitchen, that’s happened for me too.


  2. Somehow, I’m not at all surprised that you couldn’t find pizza dough in Foggy Bottom. Whole Foods sure as hell wouldn’t have it lol. But I feel your struggle with not having the dough roller. I had a similar experience. I didn’t have a tenderizing hammer until this past weekend so I’d been having boxing matches with my chicken. Yay for improvising!


  3. There’s a surprisingly high number of things you can’t find on Foggy Bottom. I know I struggled with the pizza dough and ended up caving and going to Target one time (also because… Target). But it’s great that you’re taking risks! The recipes never hold all the answers, so you have to find out for yourself. Also, in a pinch, a wine bottle works as a rolling pin


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