Baked Chicken Parm and other topics

Baked Chicken Parm and other topics

What do you make when you have a package of chicken breasts and can’t decide what you want to do with it?  For me, my go-to is now baked chicken parmesan!  It was one of the easiest and most delicious recipes I have tried so far!

Originally I was planning on frying my chicken parmesan but stumbled upon this recipe from Skinny Taste which is a much healthier alternative to a traditional chicken parmesan.

Here are before and after pictures of my lovely meal!


I even made enough to feed my three roommates who were very excited to get a delicious free meal!  I think they were telling the truth when they said it was good.  (They call me Mom by the way)

Next time I think I will add more marinara and mozzarella at the end because I absolutely love those ingredients and can’t get enough of them!  But it is all about what you like!  I highly recommend this recipe even for a busy weeknight because it required very little prep time and clean up and tasted amazing!  Let me know if you try it!


Analytics for my blog

On a different topic, this week I took some time to really analyze who is looking at my blog and try to find ways to increase the number of people who engage with it.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 12.21.09 PM

According to my internal analytics my most popular viewing day is Wednesday (Hi #SMPASocial) And surprisingly my most popular viewing hour is 5pm.  Are people looking for dinner inspiration? Based on this, here is my first goal to improve the effectiveness of my blog.

1.Post mid-afternoon so that when viewers see the blog around dinner time they are inspired to try what I have tried in my posts.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 12.21.43 PM


My internal analytics also gave me insight on where my viewers are.  I really hope that the ones in the U.K. are Gordon Ramsay!!!!! (Please reply to my tweet if you get the chance Gordon) However, because most of my viewers are in the U.S., I want to create content that interests them.  That brings me to my second goal to improve the effectiveness of my blog.

2. Because the U.S. made up of very different people who have different tastes in food, I will try to incorporate more foods from different areas of the world.  I personally love Italian food but perhaps my audience would appreciate more diverse options.

My third observation was that most of my views are coming from a referral from Tumblr. (Hi again #SMPASocial) Based on that knowledge, here is my third goal to improve the effectiveness of my blog.

3.Find out what my #SMPASocial classmates want me to blog about.  Maybe they would be more engaged if they were more interested in what I am posting about.  Perhaps I should reach out to them on Twitter….

Let me know what you think of my blog, this post, or anything you really want to see me post about!  Comment below or talk to me on Twitter @KristinaAzevedo



2 thoughts on “Baked Chicken Parm and other topics

  1. I think your metrics analysis was really thoughtful and in depth, which I appreciated! You brought up ideas and analytics I had not looked into on my own blog, and now I am definitely curious. I’m also confused about the 5:00pm peak visiting time, I wonder if that’s similar for the rest of the class as well… Anyways, if I ever get over my fear of cooking (while, undercooking) chicken, I will definitely try out this recipe!


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