Bone Apple Tea

Bone Apple Tea

Remember the memes making fun of the phrase “Bon Appetit”?  If you aren’t familiar you can check out this Buzzfeed article explaining it all.  Ever since that meme became popular I have been using “Bone Apple Tea”  to make fun of my own cooking skills.

This week I decided to be ambitious by making cherry almond scones.  And all I can say is… I tried

Remember when I said I was cooking on a budget?  Well it turns out cherries and almonds are kind of expensive but I decided I deserved a treat.

My particular recipe came from How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman which you can buy on Amazon.  However, there are many recipes for scones on the internet and you can easily replace cherries and almonds for other fillings such as blueberries, chocolate chips, cheese, etc.

Even though I don’t particularly get any joy out of cooking, I must say kneading the dough is very relaxing.  It’s kind of like adult Play-Doh.

Here are some photos of my process just to guide you.  Practice makes perfect I guess!


To be fair, even though they weren’t perfect they are definitely edible and not the ugliest things I have ever seen.  Not quite “Bone Apple Tea” status.  However, they are certainly not professional looking so I decided to tweet a picture of them the Chef Gordon Ramsay who is known to be quite critical of people’s food images.  Fingers crossed he replies!  (It’s a little weird that I actually want someone to insult me isn’t it.)

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 1.40.57 PM.png

Let me know if I inspired you to make scones!  Comment below or reach out to me on Twitter @KristinaAzevedo


8 thoughts on “Bone Apple Tea

  1. Kristina, this post was super fun to read and kind of made me want to start baking at 10:44 pm. For someone who claims they don’t cook often, the scones look like they turned out pretty good, so you should give yourself much more credit. I like how you bolded important phrases in your copy, simple task…but very effective. Really clever (and funny) you chose to reach out to Chef Gordon Ramsay. He’s pretty snarky on Twitter, so maybe after some persistence he may get back to you. Great Work!


  2. I said it on Twitter and I’ll say it again, those scones look delicious. But, since you used the word “edible” to describe them, I can’t say that inspires much confidence in them living up to how they look. Also, I find it really interesting that you said that you don’t really get any joy out of cooking, yet your whole blog is about cooking.


  3. Great post! I actually laughed out loud at “even though they weren’t perfect they are definitely edible and not the ugliest things I have ever seen” #foodgoals? but as far as your post goes, your scones actually look pretty good to me, and everything (pictures/text/gif) was very clearly mapped and easy to follow–you actually have inspired me a little bit, I’ll definitely tweet you if I decide to make something!


  4. This was scones look great! I can’t lie, I was really drawn in by the use of a meme in the title. Your gif was the perfect length (you never want to be waiting too long for the loop to start again) and I think targeting Gordon was a great idea (even if he didn’t reply).


  5. First of all I love the Bone Apple Tea reference. Bone Apple Tea was one of my favorite meme sensations and I miss it dearly. Secondly, the scones don’t look half bad! They actually look like they came out pretty well. Like you said, they taste the same either way. I find when it comes to experimenting with new recipes the first time is never going to be great. You learn over time and after sometimes several failed attempts. That’s the fun of cooking I suppose. Love the images and gif in this post. Keep up the good work.


  6. Everyone’s got cherry blossoms on the mind and I’ve seen too many cherry inspired cupcakes, cocktails, and instagrams, but no scones yet so these sound really good! They also look great. I like that you posted pictures step by step because I honestly favor recipes with more photos so I can check my progress along the way. Have you tried making a video of your cooking yet?


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