Sushi making with Sigma Delta Tau

Sushi making with Sigma Delta Tau

This week my sorority, Sigma Delta Tau, held a sushi making event for sisters so I decided to make it the topic of this week!  All of the sisters who attended had an amazing time and the sushi was super yummy!

The sushi was easy to make if you have all of the right fillings (we didn’t use any raw fish so there was no danger of food poisoning).  Click here for some easy to follow instructions on how to make sushi without a mat.  Watch this video that explains how to make the perfect sushi rice!


Take a look at the slideshow to see some pictures of the sushi we made!  It may not look as pretty as the sushi you get at a restaurant, but I can assure you it was delicious!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall, we had a great time just chatting and making sushi.  My roll was deemed to be the monster roll because it was super fat.  I ended up eating it like a burrito! (Sushi burritos do exist now by the way)  Click here for some creative ideas from Buzzfeed on different easy and affordable ways to make sushi!

Of course if you are too lazy to make your own, you can always go out to a great sushi restaurant here in D.C.  I suggest Nooshi, which has a wide variety of options.

Let me know what you think in the comments or talk to me on Twitter @KristinaAzevedo


6 thoughts on “Sushi making with Sigma Delta Tau

  1. I love sushi but, as much as I cook I’ve never attempted to make it myself. I guess I never felt the need to since there are so many sushi places in DC. The pictures you provided make it look super fun and I definitely want to try now. Also the youtube video on how to make Sushi rice is really helpful and I’ll be sure to go back to when I decide to make sushi on my own.


  2. Hey Kristina! I love how incorporated so many different things into this blog post: a sushi-making party, how to make sushi rice, and a great restaurant suggestion! I love Nooshi, too! Have you ever tried Sushi Para? It’s about a 15-minute Uber drive from campus but they have a $20 all-you-can-eat special! My friend is obsessed with it and she got me hooked on it, too. Sushi was something that I missed so much while abroad in Italy. While I know it’s not really surprising, there were no sushi restaurants (or, any cuisines besides Italian, really) in Perugua! Was it the same in Siena? Overall, this is a great post and I loved the personal touches!


    1. Hi Emily, no I have never tried Sushi Para. Thanks for the recommendation! I agree in Italy it’s really only about the Italian food. In Siena (a fairly similar city in size to Perugia I would say) there was one Chinese restaurant and one Mexican restaurant that I could think of. I never tried them because they looked sketchy haha. The Italians definitely have an issue with introducing foreign foods (maybe not as much in the more urban areas but I think in places like Siena and Perugia they have stronger cultural ties).


  3. I love sushi! Last year I also wanted to make sushi but i never had the time to do it myself. But as i see from your post, it is not that difficult! you just have to buy the correct ingredients and you can start making your own perfect sushi rolls. you inserted many pictures which i think made your post very interesting and fun to read. great job!


  4. As soon as I saw “sushi” I knew I had to read through this post. Like everybody else who has commented, I LOVE sushi and have always wanted to make it myself, but never have. This has inspired me to try it out! Also, such a great sisterhood event. That sounds so fun.


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