Just a bit salty

Just a bit salty

People on Facebook love the Tasty videos on Buzzfeed.  They look so satisfying and the meals look super simple and yummy.  So for my first attempt at cooking I decided to try a chicken stir fry recipe from Tasty.  I watched the video carefully, wrote down everything I needed to buy, and headed off to the grocery store.

First, I was pretty proud of how well I diced the garlic and ginger for the sauce.  It took me some time but I am sure I will get better with practice.  The sauce consisted of soy sauce (I bought reduced sodium but the recipe just said soy sauce), honey, ginger, and garlic.

Perhaps my greatest accomplishment was learning how to cube raw chicken.  (I did have to ask my roommate how to do it)  Then I chopped up some broccoli and red pepper.   I combined all the ingredients together just like the recipe said with the exception of the reduced sodium soy sauce.  All of my ingredients were organic too!


Overall, I liked the recipe but I thought it was still too salty even with the reduced sodium soy sauce.  Next time I think I will eliminate the added salt the recipe calls for when cooking the chicken and I will use a bit less soy sauce.  However, the honey and ginger definitely added a distinct flavor that I enjoyed.   I also might throw in some more broccoli next time because I am a huge broccoli fan. Definitely something I will make again because it was easy, not too expensive, packed with veggies, and I had a lot left over.

I would love for you to try it and tell me how it goes.  The link to the video is here.  It actually shows you how to make stir fry four different ways so you can choose whatever you please.  Please comment below or DM me on twitter @KristinaAzevedo with any thoughts or suggestions!




4 thoughts on “Just a bit salty

  1. Kristina!! My mom sent me a Blue Apron meal for tonight to make burgers and I accidentally set off the smoke detectors in my apartment. Blue Apron not as easy as it looks—aka lots of chopping. I’m not a good cook at all.


  2. Hi! I love the premise of your blog! Especially being away at school, it always seems easier to just pick something up for lunch or dinner but it so much healthier and cost-effective to cook at home. I definitely look forward to reading your future posts! Also, your stir-fry looks delicious!!


  3. Hi! I love how honest you are about your struggles and learning curve with cooking. I totally relate and you’re inspiring me to expand my skills, too! My only suggestion would be to include more details about what you struggled with and how you resolved it. I would’ve liked to hear how you actually dice raw chicken! I look forward to seeing more of your meals throughout the semester!


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